The vintage cannons sounded in Cartagena on the occasion of the celebration of the Santa Bárbara festival at the Tentegorra Barracks, the main base of the Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment (RAAA) 73, which has its cannon and missile batteries.

Staff held a military ceremony presided over by the head of the Antiaircraft Artillery Command and former colonel of the Regiment, Brigadier General Enrique Silvela, with the presence of the president of the Regional Assembly, Alberto Castillo, and the Chief Admiral of the Military Arsenal, Pedro Luis de la Puente.

During the military parade there was also a farewell ceremony for the artillerymen who have gone into reserve in recent months, a presentation of decorations, a tribute to those who gave their lives for Spain and the delivery of the Honour Gunner distinction to the colonel of the Air Force José Carlos Presa Díaz, chief in command of the NATO Tactical Leadership Programme at the Albacete air base. Collaboration with air units is essential for the training of these gunners.

In his speech, RAAA 73 Colonel Juan Carlos Pérez Herrero said: “Military officers will travel to Aldana, on the Turkish-Syrian border, within the fifteenth tour of the support operation that NATO that has been in place since 2014 for the air and antimissile defence of the first of those countries.” The Spanish Patriot missile units deployed there are part of the Regiment’s third battery, located in the Marines.