The National Police have arrested two men in Orihuela who threw another from a moving car at high speed and then ran over him and stole his mobile phone and credit card while he was lying helpless on the road.

The pair have been detained for an alleged attempted murder and robbery with violence, as reported on Sunday by the National Police in a statement.

The victim and the detainees met at a club in the town of Cox when the alleged assailants offered to drive the victim back to his home in a nearby municipality. In the middle of the journey, after they had left the town, they threw the victim out of the vehicle while they were traveling at high speed.

The victim was later found on the road by agents of the Orihuela Local Police after receiving a notice that warned of the presence of a man lying injured on the road.

On their arrival the police officers said that the victim was conscious although he was subsequently taken by ambulance to the Vega Baja Hospital in Orihuela, where he was admitted with serious injuries to both legs. In addition to inflicting the serious injuries, the alleged perpetrators also stole the victim’s mobile phone and credit cards.

The victim revealed that the culprits, after throwing him out of the vehicle, ran him over while he was lying on the road.

The Police then went about locating and taking statements from possible witnesses. Eventually the officers from the Orihuela Local Judicial Police Brigade found the alleged perpetrators, who were arrested.

The two detainees, of Spanish and Moroccan nationality, both 21 years of age, have been placed at the disposal of the Investigating Court of the Guard, where they have been remanded in custody.