While the Australian Rules Games, commonly known as Aussie rules, are huge in Australia, most individuals outside the country have no idea how they work. But it’s well-known in the sports betting world.

This game is called ‘footy’. The basic objective is to outscore the opponent. It lasts 80 minutes, broken into four 20-minute quarters.

This sport has become one amongst the most popular sports in Australia. It has also earned a lot of popularity among sports bettors around the world since its launch. Many leading websites like Bluebet allow you to place bets on the AFL games and make money.

How to Bet Online on Australian Rules?

There are many options, from fully dedicated platforms to trusted online betting websites, for betting online, no matter which sports it is. You need to get familiarised with different types of betting options to start betting.

The following are a variety of Australian football betting picks.

Head to Head

‘Head-To-Head’ is an Australian phrase for money-line betting (straight-up betting). In other words, you wager on the winner of the future game.

Don’t worry about who wins the toss or scores the first point. Instead, focus on picking the winning team in the game before the game starts.

Line Bets

A line bet is the most frequent type of handicap bet for sports betting in Australian rules games. Instead of supplying the right match odds for any side to win, the bookmaker sets a margin, known as the line, as the new par score.

This successfully increases the competition, such that both parties tend to sport the same (same-valued bet) costs.

Margin Betting

Sportsbooks in Australia often create many outcomes in a game using points as a margin. To win your bet, you must correctly predict the game’s winner and the margin.

For instance, if you predict team A will beat B, you must also correctly anticipate the margin of victory. It also allows you to choose between a 1 and 39 point difference and a 40+ point difference.

Exotic Bets

Exotic bets are offered in every sport, including Australian Rules. One of the most common bets is to predict who will score first, a goal or a point. You can also predict the match’s MVP, top scorers, and more.

Choose the Right Place for Betting

Are They Licenced?

It’s always recommended to bet on Aussie rules football through only licenced and secure betting sites like BlueBet.

Online betting mediums which aren’t licenced or regulated can pretty much do anything they want. Customers are treated unfairly, their sensitive information is compromised, and even your money can be stolen. Only after weeding out the non-licenced sites should you start betting online.

In other words, no matter where you wish to bet, ensure that they follow all the required laws and guidelines and are legal.

Do They Follow Appropriate Security Procedures?

On sites with insufficient security, hackers or third parties can intercept your personal data in several ways. A website should have SSL encryption and firewall software to ensure the client that their data is protected.

Your online betting security should always be your primary priority.

Check Their Reputation and History

With so many online betting methods available today, there are likely to be some predators out there to steal sensitive data. Always note an online betting site’s poor reputation, and track record regarding security or even customer support.


Once you know which type of bet you want to pick and where to place it, all that’s left is to fill in some personal details and account information. Betting online on Australian rules games is exciting and fun, but remember, it’s crucial to be cautious so that you can have a safe betting experience.



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