The National Police have arrested a female in Elche for an alleged crime of theft amounting to €13,000 – described as a method of ‘sowing’.

Police were tipped-off following a robbery that occurred after withdrawal of euros from a bank.

The victim who had returned to their car was approached by two people, a man and a woman, who knocked on the window.

The robbers had claimed euros had fallen to the ground, whereas the victim got out of the vehicle and collected several €5 notes.

Upon returning to the car, again they were told euro notes were on the ground at the rear of the car.

Once again the victim got out of the vehicle – with the robbers grabbing an opportunity of stealing money placed in the glove compartment.

The Scientific Police Brigade of Elche caught one of the robbers, known to police and who had been detained previously for robbing.

The Local Brigade of Judicial Police of Elche said the victim would have been a selected target.

A ‘scout’ – whose identity is unknown – marks the victim as his objective when noticing the withdrawal of large amount of euros. Thereafter arrangements are made to follow victims.

Investigations are continuing for the arrest of other robbers.


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