By Andrew Atkinson

A thief struck in San Miguel stealing Big FM co-presenter Caz Matthews laptop after performing in Orihuela.

“After working in Orihuela I  stopped off in San Miguel and popped in to a bar for quick bite.

“The laptop is an ACER which was in a laptop bag with my external hard drive. Also taken was a black Mcr Bee backpack,” Caz told The Leader.

“My car was parked outside La Colada Wash & Go. A friend and myself went to The New Tavern for half an hour, before dropping all the equipment off at home.

“I didn’t notice the laptop and bag missing, until the following morning, as there was two of us emptying the car.

“It’s my life – I’m absolutely devastated,” said Caz.

If anyone hears of the items being offered for sale please forward details to The Leader.