Sometimes I wonder what I’m going to write about. I wonder if it’ll be interesting enough for people to read, but someone said to me last week that people need positivity and hope right now and as long as my blog brings them that, then I’m grand.

Looking at the Costa Blanca from this side of the sea, it looks full of life, restaurants and bars open, people performing, people working and I can’t help but feel a little jealous. I’m sure you’re all thinking, well the grass isn’t always greener on the other side but this is where hope comes into play. Seeing everyone have a little spark in them again, makes me excited to feel the same here in Ireland when everything slowly but surely re-opens. Our 5km restriction ban came to an end this week which means that we can travel anywhere within our own county and I have to say they we are blessed with some beautiful places to visit here in Co. Wexford, I can’t wait to get out and visit them again. Just to bring the kids to a pet farm or a different playground or beach apart from our own. I also long for a walk along Wexford quay front or the beautiful Min Ryan Park minus the kids!

At the same time, I suppose we are lucky to live by the coast and have the beach whereas a lot of people in Ireland live in built up towns or cities and aren’t so lucky. The pubs will take a little longer to open their doors (if some will even be in a position to do so after a long year), and no doubt live music in them will take even longer, but I’m going to enjoy my weekends off as I know, like that, it will all return eventually and I’ll be longing for a night off. So don’t forget, we’re looking up to you all, wishing we were where you are now, so no pressure haha.

As I say it’s all about positivity and hope, looking forward not back and taking in all of life’s lessons and obstacles that we’ve learnt and dealt with over the last year and a bit. I do however find myself very frustrated at home, longing to try something new and different. What that is, I can’t even tell you but it’s more than likely the guilt of not physically leaving the house and going out to work. I’m sure it’ll pass. I am doing all of the things that I love and are my life, radio, singing and writing for the paper. There is definitely something else; I have yet to figure it out though. A lot of people have learned new skills and gone on to find new jobs. People that work in the music and art industry here were told to retrain and find new jobs. I can only speak for myself, but singing is my life. I come from an extremely musical family and music was literally our bread and butter, so to hear that said was a real kick in the teeth and showed the lack of appreciation for what we do. We shall however plough on as we are in the final stretch (fingers crossed) of this crazy little thing they call the pandemic.