The Orihuela City Council has issued an environmental report modifying the partial plan in Orihuela Costa by which a privately endowed plot of land dedicated for sports use is changed, allowing it now to be used to build more properties.

The plot has an area of ​​10,524 square meters with capacity for 35 homes.

The developer, Santa Cruz Urbana, which owns the land in the partial plan of Sector 0-1 of Las Filipinas, says that since the plot was set aside in the General Plan (PGOU) reserving the area for private sports facilities, almost three decades ago, “there has still been no development, despite the passing years and despite also, the period of real estate expansion.”

As a result of its abandonment, the site, they say, is now being used for uncontrolled dumping of rubbish and debris, which the owner has to periodically remove.

The plot is surrounded by more houses and the tertiary zone of “Tiro al Pichón”, in Las Filipinas. Among the signatories making the application, is the architect Javier Mora, a Ciudadanos councillor in the small municipality of Granja de Rocamora.

He explained that the Valencian Urban Planning Law (LOTUP) contains an option to reclassify such land if they remain undeveloped.


  1. I use to love living on the Orihuela Costa, but now it is one big hassle. Plenty of new properties that developers have been unable to shift for many years, plus thousands of resales – the market is saturated despite what developers and estate agent tell people. Its an ever increasing concrete jungle that has brought with it anti-social as well as infrastructure issues. The area has only got worse since Zenia Boulevard opened, and funny how few questions were asked at the time by opposition politicians (including CLARO) and the media as to how it got approved so quickly, with little thought for the area and the land it is built on being re-classified overnight from residential to commerical land.

  2. Perfect. Residents of Orihuela Costa need more equipment and less real estate pressure, but the City Council gives us … more houses. Roads are a shame, almost no parks, no sports facilities, no primary care centers, if you get sick at night or in the morning, the ambulance takes almost an hour to get from Torrevieja, no libraries, no recycling containers enough, garbage and pruning accumulate … not to mention that the treatment plant was at maximum capacity two years ago… but they keep building and building. Constructors are turning a nice area into a waste concrete land. If someone told me what a disaster this municipality is, I would have chosen the location of my house better.