• Judge imposes jail sentence and €1,620 fine – 3 years after falsifying disabled parking licence in Denia

By Andrew Atkinson

A judge has handed out a one year jail sentence and fine of €1,620 – three years after falsifying a disabled parking permit in Denia.

The Alicante Court hearing confirmed a sentence of a year in prison for a man who parked in a disabled parking space with false documentation.

The Criminal Court number 1 of Benidorm sentenced him for a crime of falsehood and a fine of €1,620.

The Third Section of the Provincial Court of Alicante has confirmed the penalty of one year in prison and a fine of 1,620 euros, imposed on a man who parked his vehicle in a space reserved for the disabled and used a false parking card in 2017.

The sentence, handed down last January by the Criminal Court number 1 of Benidorm and ratified by the provincial court, declares him the author of a crime of falsification in an official document.

On June 7, 2017 the man parked in a square for the disabled on Mercat street in Dénia and displayed the false card on the dashboard.

The false document was a colour photocopy of an original, issued by Norwegian authorities in the name of his ex-brother-in-law.

In the appeal, presented before the judgment of the Criminal Court, the convicted man alleged the document was not false, citing there was an original that matched the content of the card on his dashboard.

The man said the original document belonged to his ex-wife’s brother, and that it was his ex-father-in-law who made photocopies for the family’s vehicles to take, and he forgot to remove it from his car.

The Court recorded that the alibi was not confirmed by any conclusive evidence and that, in any case, it has been three years since his ex-brother-in-law and holder of the document has not lived in Spain.

The Court heard, he presumably forgot to withdraw the card, and not continue its improper use of parking spaces for people with reduced capacity.

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