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I have a dream, is the name of Martin Luther King Jr.’s most famous speech, when he spoke of his desire for a future in which black and white skinned people could co-exist harmoniously and as equals, it was a speech delivered in August 1963. Nothing has changed in fact it would appear it has got a lot worse.

Saturday night 5th September 2020 peak viewing time on television and one of the most popular shows on the box ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. During the interval  ‘Diversity’ carried out a dance routine based on and promoting the BLM organisation, some kneeling on one knee and  with someone laying on the floor with another kneeling on his head, representing a sad event in which in real terms has nothing to do with the British people.

Martin Luther King “I have a dream”.

This prime time television would have families, including young children watching, what should be entertainment, not a political broadcast which could influence the very young. I am certain there are laws against such a broadcast.

Let’s imagine, next Saturday night prime time TV, and we have the all singing dancing duo Boris Johnson Pm and Priti Patel MP doing the Tango. In the background a video of the Houses of Parliament with a conservative logo on the facade and in the corner Boris’s girlfriend holding their new born and clapping, also a troop of Members of Parliament swaying and keeping in time with the music singing Rule Britannia.

To keep things in balance in the late night show we could have the Labour Party leader standing in a witness box singing ‘We’ll keep the red flag flying here. It recalls the triumphs past, It gives the hope of peace at last’. There could be dancing girls dressed in red with short skirts and waving banners with the party’s logo on.

If either of those events happened then there would be uproar, the news media would go berserk decrying the use of a political agenda in what is a time of entertainment.

It was sneaky whoever decided to allow the showing of the ‘Diversity’ dance routine representing an organisation that has the desire to change the very way of life who have a background of marching in the streets and in some cases damage caused. To show at that time of night influencing the very young with their ideology, is morally wrong and as I said I think illegal.

Percy Chattey, Author


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