The nail- biting cricket world cup tournament is over. They’ve done it! England won the finals against New Zealand and made buzz all over the internet. England won 15/0 and New Zealand 15/1. England got lucky as the match ended on a tie and were saved on the boundary count. England took the cup home with pride. Yet, there are some rumors about the game, and some say they should’ve shared the World Cup Title.

The match was intense. The man of the match Ben Strokes even requested to take away the four overthrows which proved to be a threat for the other team. New Zealand has scored 241-8 and England on the other hand needed nine runs. The third last ball, Ben has driven Trent and ran back for a second. Yet, when a throw Black Caps fielder Martin Guptill bounced off Stokes’ bat, he ran to the boundary. Stokes was given six runs in which two for the runs completed plus four for the takeover.

Rumors say that the decision taken was wrong. Martin Guptill previously threw before Strokes went for the second. Which basically means that Strokes should’ve got only five. This according to Simon Taudfel is a ‘’clear mistake’’. Yet, Gills said: “Not really. You could argue the last ball that [Trent] Boult bowled was a full toss on leg stump and if Stokes’ hadn’t just been looking for two he probably would’ve banged it out of the ground anyway. We are world champions; we have got the trophy and we intend to keep it.”

This thrilling match ended in a tie. But it counted as a super over as both teams scored 15 runs. England initially got lucky as the count was on the number of boundaries they had. The players announced that it was an exciting World Cup final for them against the New Zealand team. Stroke saved the match with a super over.

Eoin Morgan, the captain of the team is blessed with his incredible talent and an energetic team. He pointed out that Strokes is almost a superman and looks up to him: “To come through it is extraordinary. He’s almost superhuman. He has really carried the team and our batting line-up. The atmosphere, the emotion that was going through the whole game, he managed to deal with that in an extremely experienced manner. And obviously everybody watching at home will hopefully try and be the next Ben Stokes.

His team was so proud of him and had experienced an incredible journey throughout the season. They claimed: “It’s been an absolutely incredible journey to everybody around the country and around the world who has followed us and supported us, thank you so much. It’s been phenomenal. Right from the very beginning of the tournament, all the way through, regardless of our performance, people believed because we believed and I’m very thankful for that and everybody is as well.”

England has played well in this season. The four years of training and preparations paid its fruit. Strokes ‘six’ has made a turned over in the match with then result their wins. Yet, to reach the finals, New Zealand played well and made a good debut. Who knows, they might make a comeback on the next Cricket World Cup.

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Let’s now have a glance at the Cricket World Cup winners since the beginning:

  • 1975 – West Indies
  • 1979 – West Indies
  • 1983 – India
  • 1987 – Australia
  • 1992 – Pakistan
  • 1996 – Sri Lanka
  • 1999 – Australia
  • 2003 – Australia
  • 2007 – Australia
  • 2011 – India
  • 2015 – Australia
  • 2019 – England

England made its first success in the history of the game! Who knows, this could be the beginning of a Golden Era…. A promising future lies ahead!