A 38 year old woman, of Hungarian nationality, has become the second victim of sexist violence in the province during this year. Her partner, a 49 year old man, also Hungarian, was arrested by the Civil Guard last Monday night in Rojales and accused of her murder following a violent argument, although according to the Government delegate in the Valencian Community, Juan Carlos Fulgencio, he has offered a differing version of the events.

An autopsy carried out on Tuesday confirmed that the victim had several blows to the head, but additional tests are still pending to determine the exact cause of the death.

They were staying at a property in Rojales located on Avenida del Mar in the urbanisation of Pueblo Bravo, Ciudad Quesada.

Police sources say that the couple had a violent argument and the man assaulted the woman. The victim fell to the ground unconscious at which point the attacker called a Spanish friend who lives nearby. When he arrived and saw the unconscious woman on the floor, he called the emergency services. On their arrival the paramedics could only confirm the woman’s death.

According to sources, the victim had numerous bruises and bruises. The paramedics also treated the alleged killer, who was also suffering from cuts and bruises, allegedly caused by the victim during the fight. The victim had been dead for more than an hour when the medical equipment arrived at the house.

The Civil Guard arrested the man at home and transferred him to Alicante for questioning. The corpse was transferred to the Institute of Legal Medicine of Alicante, where the autopsy was performed. A team of civil guards carried out a thorough inspection of the house.

The sub-delegation of the Government in Alicante, Araceli Poblador, confirmed that there were no previous reports of mistreatment and that the couple, although not registered, had lived in Rojales since last September.

The detainee and the victim occasionally worked in the Hungarian restaurant on the ground floor of the building where the incident occurred. The man worked in the restaurant as an occasional cook and she carried out cleaning tasks.

The Rojales council called for three days of official mourning as a sign of pain “related to yet another case of gender violence.” On Tuesday night there was a rally in front of the Council offices “to express our pain and in rejection of these events.” There were further gatherings across the province.