Mojácar Mayor, Rosmari Cano and the Tourism Councillor, Emmanuel Agüero, appeared once again on Spectrum Radio, as part of their ongoing efforts to keep the English speaking residents of the town informed on local matters.

Speaking to the station’s Director, Richard Shanley, on his “Almería Today” programme, the Mayor gave the listeners some updates on the works due to start in the autumn.  Of these, the extension of the Avenida de Paris and the Residential Care Home will begin in mid-October and, the Skate Park in November.

          On the subject of the Avenida de Paris works, neither traffic nor access to the town should be affected and, any momentary cuts will be made during the early hours. However, the Mayor did request that townspeople and parents taking children to the schools make their access via the Turre road during the duration of the works, if at all possible.  The planned Care Home, she went on to say, will be located on Calle Orán in the Palmeral area and will have 60 beds with 30 additional day care places. 

Emmanuel Agüero then went on to chat with Richard Shanley about the growth and development of the tourist season and the changes that are being made to adapt to new trends taking place in the sector. He was keen to stress also that it is not only of the number of tourists visiting the town, but the income that they generate towards the local economy during their stay that is important.

The Councillor also pointed out the fact that September, year after year, brings an increasing number of visitors to the town, who choose this quieter, cooler month to take a holiday. The prolonging of the main tourist season sees many establishments closing their businesses later and, thanks to the work done in the town, more and more hotels and premises are remaining open throughout the year.

          It was inevitable that the Brexit issue and voting rights would arise and, although it is a political decision at national level between the two countries, it was confirmed that, according to their current information and as long as there are no last minute changes, British residents would maintain their current status and would be able to exercise their right to vote in the next year’s municipal elections.