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By Jonathan Gilchrist

Having spent the entirety of my life watching my father, Alan Gilchrist, help thousands of people change their lives through hypnosis, I know how powerful the mind is. I know what it’s capable of and yet, it still fascinates me. The more I learn about it, the more intrigued I become. And how can I not be? The human body is capable of incredible things, but it’s most powerful weapon is, without doubt, the mind.

From the title, you can easily see I’m discussing weight loss and in relation to hypnosis. So why have I chosen those particular verbs- lose and eliminate? Am I just being particular? A tad pernickety? Well, it could be said that yes, I am. However, where the mind is concerned, I’m not. The difference between lose and eliminate is astounding when taking self-hypnosis into consideration. So, that being said, why would you want to lose weight?When something is lost, don’t you have to find it? When your keys have disappeared and you yell at your partner for losing them, don’t you demand he or she helps you find them? Think of your children, or your own childhood. If your child was to lose a brand new toy, one that cost a small fortune, wouldn’t you demand they find it? You wouldn’t purchase them another one, would you? Or if you would, then they’re very lucky! I’d suggest you were a small minority!

Most children have to find their toy before they can have a new one. As a boy, I certainly wouldn’t have been allowed to lose something! But I’m not criticising your parenting skills, merely making the point- for every action, there’s a reaction. When something is lost, it must be found.

And where the mind is concerned, this small discrepancy is vital. If you want to lose weight, don’t bother. Eliminate, eradicate or abolish the weight. But don’t lose it! Why? Because if your body loses a few pounds, the mind will simply find them again and you’ll end up where you started.

Sound crazy? Well, it might do but this lost and found mentality is throttled into us from childhood. We’re conditioned to find lost goods and in this case, those kilos that you’ve starved away, that have caused you to subsist on one lettuce leaf three times a day, your subconscious mind will find them again.

This is all part and parcel of self-hypnosis. This is where you talk yourself into doing a particular something and is a technique that I actually teach clients as part of the Fast Track Weight Control package. You can lose a lot of weight by dieting, but it’s all about training the mind because once you have quit the lettuce leaf diet, or the other weight loss fad du jour, you’ll gradually put the pounds back on again. And the statistics don’t lie.

Over 80% of people who lost weight, will regain it at some point (Study at the University of California) and in some cases, they’ll regain more than they lost in the first place! Think of all the celebrities, who with their money, can afford private chefs and personal trainers and yet, have they won the weight war? Women like Oprah Winfrey and Kirstie Alley. They’ve all yo-yo dieted. And why? Because they lost their weight. They didn’t eradicate it.

 The perfect way of describing the importance of choosing the correct verb actually uses another area of hypnosis- sports motivation. Back in the 90’s, Steve Collins beat Chris Eubanks in the World Boxing Organisation’s Super-Middleweight Title. Collins had been using hypnosis prior to the boxing match and for every punch Eubank managed to score, Collins had been programmed to punch double that number. In actual fact, Eubank managed to place over 300 and guess what? Collins did just as he’d been programmed to- over 600 hits!

Having watched the Olympics or other similar sporting events, you’ll undoubtedly have noticed all of the athletes with their earplugs in prior to the start of their own particular event. Some will be listening to music, but others will be listening to a motivational speech. And every time you talk about losing weight, you’re programming yourself to lose and ultimately, find those pesky kilos.

So, rather than doing that, why not programme yourself to control your weight and appetite and eliminate those extra wobbly bits for good?

With Fast Track Hypnosis, you can do just that.

Traditional hypnotherapy has its place. It’s effective and in comparison to psychology, it’s fast. But, Fast Track Hypnosis is the next evolutionary step. It takes the traditional and using innovative techniques and technologies, condenses it down into a speedy treatment. Where psychology takes upwards of a thousand hours and traditional hypnotherapy around twelve, Fast Track Hypnosis changes lives in four. And in some cases and dependent upon each individual client’s circumstances, only one session! Yes, you read that correctly. One.

Fast Track Hypnosis was created by my father, who ran (and still does,) a clinic in Belfast. During the 80’s and the troubles in Northern Ireland, he was inundated with traumatized people. Fast Track Hypnosis was the solution to the torment suffered by the thousands of victims who lived through the war and whose lives had been forever tarnished by it.

Only when they came to visit my father did that torment dissipate. And that is one of the reasons I chose to follow him into this career path. Hypnotherapy, but more importantly, Fast Track Hypnosis has changed people’s lives. And it’s a life’s work that I want to continue. 

Hypnosis is just the state into which the mind falls, when it’s completely relaxed and at ease. It can take a while to tumble into such a chilled state, but with some clever pieces of kit that I use in the session from the US, including audio-visual techniques, this occurs rapidly and suggestion therapy takes up the majority of the session. This kind of therapy is where suggestions are implanted into the subconscious mind. Once awakened, the active mind processes the suggestions and concretes them into place so they become part of your daily life.

As a trained hypnotherapist, I’ve been fortunate to be my father’s son! It means these techniques are now a part of my own clinics and of use to my own clients. Fast Track Hypnosis can mean be the difference between losing those pounds for a few days and abolishing them for good.

Weight control techniques using Fast Track Hypnosis will keep you motivated and will free you from the scales. Once we’ve targeted your appetite control centre and have forced it into shape, so that it only reacts when you’re truly hungry, you won’t be suffering in silence as appetite pangs tear at your belly. You’ll be a healthy eater. Why? Because during the suggestion therapy aspect of the treatment, I’ll train you to stop craving junk food. What does this mean? You’ll abolish those pounds with a smile on your face.

A few simple words can be the difference between success and failure and if you’re as amazed as I am by the mind’s capabilities, but more importantly, are ready to start Summer 2017 with a new you, then call me on 691 784 954 or email me:

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