Hub Hyenas  v  El Capitan

Hub faced a strong El Caps team this week, in what is likely to be a battle for 2nd place, prior to the February divisional split. The Gap sitting on a nice 2 point cushion at the top.

Some reasonable early Hub scoring was eclipsed in the opening triples, the Caps taking all three, Vycka Bobinas taking the 1st on 62, ” Liama “the 2nd on 62, plus 100,125, 140, Chris Logan the 3rd on D4. Ed Klimonis added a 4th to open the pairs on 96 plus 2×100. Alex Nikolov 140 and Dylan Fitzsimmons D4, reduced the deficit for Hub, John Rodford 125, D10 and Alan Havelock 100, making it 2-4 at the break.

Nigel Justice 140,100,D4, “Liama ” 121,100,D18 and match winning Ed Klimonis 100, D10, were the Caps singles winners, the Hub sharing the spoils in the final 6 legs, from Rodford 100,97,D10, Fitzsimmons 160,83,D5 and Havelock D8. John Eyre had the opportunity of defeating the elder Klimonis for a draw but couldn’t make the vital double even after several attempts. MOTM – Fitzsimmons – Liama.

Depot Queens  v  C.C.’s

The girls from the Pint Depot suffered their 12th straight defeat, this time to the Flyers. Queen Marie Cummins was the sole royal to find any treble success, but not finding the same with her double efforts. Only Jade Hockton managed an out on D2, incredibly playing C.C.’s MOTM – Charles Pritchett. Needless to say Hockton won the Queens accolade.

Cameron Nesbitt featured in 2 outs and 2×100 for C.C.’s,as did John McKay to include 2×100,140. Sam Farrow wrapped up the mach for the visitors against Queens top scorer Cummins.

Tipsy Toad Toppers  v  Ale House Totties

Like the Queens,Totties managed just the one victory, via Nikki Dean on D5, meriting her MOTM award. Only other notable scoring from Sue Collins, Winnie McKay, Hennie Oortwijn and Andrea Kelly.

Hugh Galloway got the all important 7th winning leg on D19, Steph Simpson gaining 2 game shots, Phil de Lacy went one more with 3, plus a 118, 100. Earning yet another MOTM tag, with an outstanding performance was the genial Lee Maiden, with 2 outs, 135, 2x 140, 180 and 4 further 80+ scores. Barry Schofield found his name in lights this week, virtue of a fine 118 and a singles victory worthy of a cure for insomnia.

Domino’s Desperados  v  Hub Hellraisers.

The Despo’s gained their 2nd victory of the season at the expense of the Plaza’s Hellraisers. Just the 3 wins from the visitors, Lesley Dolling 100, D9, Alison Scammell D2 and Sue Spiers 85,D2. Dolling taking the MOTM with numerous other scores of 80+.

Despos win moves them above the Raisers on leg difference, their MOTM – Ben Kerneham helping himself to 3 tasty outs, 125,100 and 6×80+. Akash Panchal not far behind with 2 game shots , 140, 2×100. Paul Chick finding D9 to earn Despos both points.

Boris Bears  v  Mind the Gap

Bears were ahead in this tussle just the once after Barry Shingler converted 70 on D20, with a 117 thrown in. The following 4 legs went the Gaps way, Sam Salt 100, converting 2, Gordon Cowan and Paul Moody 121,100, and 54 out. Shingler redressed the balance with an excellent T14,D20, finish despite a 180 from Carlos Escansiano.

The next 5 went the way of the Gap, Sam Salt taking out D10 for the match, Esco following Salt with 100,140,111, D8 to earn Gaps MOTM. Bears Kain Hickman converted 56 for the 12th and final leg, Shingler taking MOTM.

Dannys Bar  v  Freakie Taverners

Dannys now look likely to gain division 1 status later in the season, possibly at the expense of this weeks opponents. lt will be a close run thing. Brian Livsey did his upmost for the Taverners, pinning just the one double but heavily scoring. 2×100, 2×121, 123 and 3×80+. Team mate Ernie Willis supporting with 2 leg doubles, to include a 90 out . Sharon Frain 110,135.

Skipper Bob Smith took the 10th singles and match on D4 also scoring 100,119,135  Steve Lumb finding 2 outs and 135,138. lt was left to Alan Walker to earn his sides MOTM playing just 2 legs, winning both and contributing 3×100, 4×80+. Livsey MOTM.

Milos  v  Rock Horrors

Billy Dolling earned MOTM status with a 180, numerous high scores and gaining D16 for the match. Tony Spiers added a tasty 100 out with pairs partner Graham Solomans. Raul Rocomora merited Milos MOTM with 100,121 and 2 game shots one on 95. By my reckoning Milos will just miss out on division 1 status, if they fail i make them favourites to win division 2.

Ale House Lads v Tipsy Toad Tiaras

You might be thinking that the 4th placed team in the league were suffering from a shortage of their top players so soon into the New Year but that was not the case.  None of them appeared to be observing a dry January either so how could it be that the Tiaras lead from the very beginning with the lads always playing catch-up?

The result sheet showed that the Lads were marginally outscoring the lasses, but the real difference came in the finishing.  Sharon Crane got the Tiaras off to a fine start with D8 to start the Tiaras off with Dario Sierra (D1) narrowly managing an equaliser. Dario clocked up 2 tons and a 140 in his 4 appearances at the oche, finishing 100%, one of which was a bull, and rightly earning himself MOTM.

Sharon (108) got a 75% win rate in her 4 efforts but was pipped to the post for MOTM by Simone de Lacy (119) probably for a 2-darter on 97 in her singles against Eugene Lane. An unexpected match-point for the delighted Tiaras but the draw keeps the AH Lads in 4th place by the skin of their teeth.