CLARO and Cambiemos Orihuela have raised a motion at the December Plenary session urging the “reopening of the promenade between Aguamarina and Cabo Roig” as soon as possible.

For years this walkway has been embroiled by a dispute between a community of Bellavista owners and the Orihuela Council.

After the section reopened in 2015, the community of owners contested the decision in the courts and, finally, after a ruling against the Council, the walkway was closed again this December. Both CLARO and Cambiemos regret this resolution and strongly condemn the fact that this 100 metre stretch of the coastline, that should be available to the general public, remains in private hands with the damage that this implies for tourism and the residents of the Coast.

Courts order closure of Paseo de Cabo Roig

Judicial Sentence orders closure of Paseo de Cabo Roig

A spokesman from CLARO stated that “we cannot understand the indifference in the last 5 years of the council, knowing that the closure of the walkway was going to take place, were not able to initiate an expropriation process that seems to be the only possible alternative so that this walkway is never closed again”.

In addition, they insist that “the request for the urgent reopening will remove the situation of latent danger that has been generated by the reappearance of the fences, since many users recklessly risk crossing around the edge of the cliff, endangering their lives, in order to save the 2 km walk that has once again become necessary”.

Closing up the paseo in early December

Cambiemos point out that “it is a motion that is CLARO transferred to us within the framework of the coalition and that we think is absolutely essential: land of public interest on the Orihuela Costa cannot remain privatised, especially in an area as sensitive as the coastline itself”.

They also point out that “reopening this walk is necessary, not only from a tourist and summer perspective, but also to protect the areas for walking so that everyone can enjoy the outdoors along the coast, areas so rare in this part of the municipality.