• Andrew Atkinson talks to Orihuela based Casa La Pedrera owners Jenni and Derek Ray, famed from C4 TV Grand Designs Abroad, in Part 2 of a Leader exclusive, ahead of their house going up for Auction on June 30 after spending 17 years in Spain.

FLAMENCO and Horse Shows staged at Casa La Pedrera saw thousands of people in attendance to see demonstrations by Spanish lecture and riding star Juan Cortès and his dancing stallion, along with British equine performer-equestrian trick rider sensation Emma Tytherleigh.

“We are very proud to have showcased the spectacular Flamenco and horse shows – undertaken by all-Spanish stars, apart from Emma Tytherleigh,” said Jenni.

“The shows were a lovely Spanish infusion for people living in Spain and people on holiday – it was magical,” said Jenni.

The shows, along with a plethora of other events, raised thousands of euros for charities, including the Elche Childrens Home.

“The teamwork was truly a great experience and we look back on that with great pride,” added Jenni, events organiser and compere.

Emma, who has starred throughout Europe in shows with Romero and dog Rodeo, at Casa La Pedrera, said: “Best wishes to Jenni and Derek and the girls. All the best of luck in the world – thanks for the fabulous times.”

Casa La Pedrera wedding: Gary and Leeann Lilburn a day they will never forget.
Casa La Pedrera wedding: Gary and Leeann Lilburn a day they will never forget.

Carols By Candlelight was staged at Christmas time at Casa La Pedrera, with the Ray family of Derek, playing saxophone and their three girls, one playing the piano, and two performing gymnastic displays.

“For me it was very special to see the family perform. It was welcoming people into our home – other people shared our lives.

“People have said Christmas isn’t the same without the Carols By Candlelight – that brought the spirit to a family context,” said Jenni.

“The Halloween party nights, teas and cakes experience, etc., were all part of the journey. We have received beautiful comments from many people, with 17,000 shares within the media. Phenomenal. It drew a big circle to enrich peoples lives,” said Jenni.

Casa La Pedrera also staged weddings at the spectacular picturesque setting, overlooking Lake Pedrera.

Gary and Leeann Lilburn held their wedding day there: “Leeann and I had a wonderful experience there in 2018 at our wedding.

“It was such a lovely setting and we feel very lucky to be one of the last few weddings at the venue. Jenni and staff gave ourselves and our guests a day we will never forget,” Gary told The Leader.

“We have moved on now – but left behind a true legacy after 17 years. Something that has warmed the family’s heart,” said Derek.

“Now someone else has the opportunity after we put our hearts and souls into it. We hope they have a wonderful journey.

“After spending almost two decades in Spain my heart now is where my kids are, in the UK,” added Jenni.

Casa La Pedrera auction details: https://www.conciergeauctions.com/auctions/casa-de-la-pedrera-alicante-spain.