Further Valencian Report, again I can only comment on the games played at home, and what an exciting weekend it was.

Mixed pairs this time and 3 of our 4 pairs were drawn at home and in the same group.  Meaning we had a good chance of reaching the semi-finals, but only by playing against each other.

This is indeed how it turned out, with Garth Slater and Mo Kidd losing by 1 shot to Margaret MacLaughlin and Tom Spencer, who in turn beat Mick and Desna Lowe by one shot to reach the semi-finals.

Great results and well done all, and good luck to Margaret and Tom at Greenlands on Saturday.

As of Fri 25th am when this report gets sent off to press, we are out of the Ladies pairs, Men’s pairs and mixed trips, leaving Don Fowkes and Maureen Kidd carrying the banner in the singles after having won their initial games.  Readers will have to wait until next week for results and a final round-up.

I would like to say however that in most instances we went out of many competitions while still in the game at the final end.

Small antidote from the umpire, always cast the jack before bowling because Martin Foulcer brought a light hearted moment to the green by bowling a perfect wood to am imaginary jack.