Cometh the hour cometh the men, in this case Stephen and Thomas from Dales to lay our new carpet.

The old carpet and underlay came up quickly enough but the dust left behind was a completely different matter.  I know it’s a dry and dusty country and I think a Grota Fria would have been the best solution, but as you know the weather never does what we want, just ask any farmer.

Time for Margaret’s Army to come to the for and our thanks go to Mick X 4, Tom, jJohn, Alex, Garth, Don, Peter and Dave X 2, with the added expertise the following day of the Ladies, Jan, Leslie & Margaret (sorry if I have missed anybody), all ably supported by their spouses up in the gods.

Sincere thanks to all for such a sterling effort to give a good clean base for the fitters to work on.

10 rolls of underlay and 10 rolls of carpet, stretched and stitched  later, we will have our new playing surface and new equipment all ready for a new season.

No final pictures because I am sure you will all want to come down see and experience it for yourself.

Our thanks goes to our secretary Margaret McLaughlin and our owner, Louisa for putting in so much effort for this to go ahead.

Dave Hadaway – La Marina Correspondent.


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