The Civil Guard has rescued an 86-year-old man who had fallen into the water in a cliff area of ​​Punta Prima on the Orihuela Costa. The rescue was carried out one day after relatives first reported his disappearance.

The events began when relatives reported the man’s disappearance at the Pilar de la Horadada Civil Guard Post . Apparently, he had gone out during the afternoon of the previous day to the supermarket, but it had become dark and he had not returned.

According to the Command, the Civil Guard began a search, consisting of a number of patrols close to his home and surroundings.

The next day, around 07:30 hours, members of the Citizen Security Unit (USECIA) of the Torrevieja Company, saw movement in a coastal area while they were making a search along the coastal cliffs of ​​Punta Prima beach. They observed a person whose characteristics matched those of the missing man.

It seems that he was half submerged in water and trapped between rocks. Apparently, he had fallen from a height of about five meters and, due to the difficulty of the ground, he could not lift himself up to stand, so he had been waiting to be rescued.

When the Civil Guard managed to get him out of the rocks, the man had obvious symptoms of hypothermia, having been wet for many hours.

Subsequently, an ambulance transferred him to the University Hospital of Torrevieja where he was treated and later discharged.