The Civil Guard has again warned, through it’s Twitter account, of an increase in scams, that are currently being carried out by men and women, who are appearing at your front door dressed as service engineers.

“If they ring your doorbell and tell you that they need to carry out a service inspection do not allow them to enter,” the statement warns.

This is the so-called ‘installer scam’, in which scammers pose as workers from different services to carry out false inspections for which they then make prohibitive charges.

The Civil Guard explains that the scammers show up at the victim’s house and ring the bell “dressed as workers representing the gas, electricity or other service installation company.” Once the victim answers, they inform him that they are there to carry out a safety inspection.

“Scammers then pretend to do technical work, but in reality, they only make minor changes like replacing a piece of gas hose, and then issue an invoice making an excessive charge for the service.” In addition, “by taking advantage of a careless owner, fraudsters can steal valuables and even commit robberies with violence or intimidation.”

Therefore, the scam goes beyond pretending to do technical work and getting paid for it, so it is important to be extremely careful. The Civil Guard ‘s recommendation is very clear: “Do not open the door to such people who have not been previously requested through the supply company. Always request that the alleged inspector identify himself with the appropriate company card.