In the weekend of 14, 15 and 16 October an attractive Arts&Crafts Fair with craft demonstrations will be set up in the Encarnación Puchol square in La Mata, a coastal district of Torrevieja. The Department of Commerce of Torrevieja Town Hall has invited craft association AMATA to organize the event, to ensure a fair in which everything on sale is made by the participants themselves.

The fair will stand out not only for the diversity and originality of its products, but also for the craft demonstrations: the potter will bring his wheel to offer you the possibility of making your own cup or bowl, a sculptor will be carving stone and a ceramist will show you how she makes a large ceramic figure. Other artisans will be making macramé jewelry, working glass with a blow torch, painting or modeling, so you can see with how much love and patience they make their pieces.

There will be a wide range of authentic crafts: from ceramics in different styles to lamps made of pumpkins; from fairies and elves to soaps and natural cosmetics; from leather bags to design jewelry, in materials as different as silver, glass, macramé, sea shells and ceramics. The arts are represented by three painters of very different styles, the sculptor and an artist specializing in mosaics.

For the youngest visitors there are stalls with juggling toys or hobby-horses (real ones!) and they can play board games, have a ride on the merry-go-round or participate in the workshops to make their own little piece of art and take it home.

On Friday and Saturday afternoon the Enrique Simón Trio, a group of international standing, will enliven the fair with live Jazz. The complete programme (in Spanish and English) and photos of similar fairs of Amata are at

The fair opens on Friday, 14 October at 5 pm. Opening times for Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th of October are from 11 am till 2 pm and in the afternoons from 5 pm till 9 pm or later. This fair is set up in the Plaza Encarnación Puchol in La Mata because parking will be less of a problem for visitors from outside than in the center of Torrevieja. More information about the fair (also in English) on 639 979 678.