The Mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, has held a working meeting with those responsible for the company Aguas de las Cuencas Mediterráneas, -ACUAMED, SA-, at the central headquarters of the public firm in Madrid.

In the meeting, Dolón highlighted the need to give a definitive boost to the three projects of the Territorial Restitution Plan -PRT’s- that have to be carried out in the town by Acuamed, as well demanding that they finish the works of the Paseo del Dique de Poniente.

Dolón reported that at the meeting it was agreed that, in view of the fact that the procedures to carry out these projects are not being speeded up and are taking forever, and given the concern that the public conveys to him due to so much delay, it will be the council itself that assumes the drafting of the completion project of the Paseo del Dique de Poniente.

To this end, work is currently under way to sign an agreement in which ACUAMED is going to authorise the council to draft the project so that, once drafted, it will be delivered so that the completion works can be carried out.

Dolón then explained that the drafting of the project will cost approximately 60,000 euro, it will be entrusted through the Framework Agreement for drafting projects, and it is expected that at the beginning of September the agreement with ACUAMED can be signed, so that end of the year, once the project has been supervised, it can be executed, so that the walkway on the dam can be opened to the public by next summer.

On the other hand, the mayor has informed that the Coastal concessions for the future promenade that will run from Los Náufragos beach to Cala Ferris have expired, so the Torrevieja Council is currently processing their renewals.