Police are investigating a possible case of sexist violence after finding a 25-year-old woman shot dead, and with other signs of violence, at a suspect’s house in Elche in what could be the sixth case of sexist violence in the Community this year, according to the Government Delegation against Gender Violence on its twitter account.

It confirmed that the police are treating the investigation as a case of murder, although only a very few details have so far emerged.

The Spanish press reports that the victim’s lifeless body was discovered at around 11 p.m. on December 25, Christmas Day, at the home of the possible perpetrator, located in Los Palmerales. Immediately, agents from the National Police took charge of the investigation.

They verified that the young woman had gunshot wounds and that all evidence pointed to her being murdered, but the man was no longer at the scene. The National Police and other Alicante security forces are now searching for him, but he has not yet been found.

The lifeless body of the victim was transferred to the Alicante Institute of Legal Medicine for an autopsy.

This new case occurs just a week after the sexist crime that cost the life of a Torrevieja resident on 18 December. The victim had a young daughter and there were no previous complaints of gender violence by the woman against the alleged aggressor.

The Torrevieja murder took place at dawn, on Calle Concordia in the Alicante town. Apparently, after ending the life of his partner, the suspect then went to the Torrevieja Civil Guard barracks and confessed to the murder, although he alleged that it had occurred in the context of fight between the two parties.

If the new case of Christmas Day is confirmed in Alicante, the number of women killed by gender violence in Spain would rise to 43 in the year. The number of victims has risen to 1,125 since 2003, highlighted by the Government Delegation against gender violence.