It is becoming a predictable, almost annual event and getting worse each time.

The inadequate sewage system and the insufficient sewage treatment plant in Campoamor are incapable of dealing with the summer influx of population, a sewage pipe breaks or a pumping station cannot cope with the volume and the result is sewage in the streets of Orihuela Costa.

Generally, this event occurs on a line between La Zenia Boulevard, which has added an enormous extra load to the system, and the treatment plant in Campoamor.

This time the breakage occurred on the roundabout of a central location near La Zenia Boulevard, creating a 3 metre deep hole, litres of filthy, smelly sewage coursing down the streets, heading for the beach and creating traffic chaos.

A barricade of sand prevented the wave of sewage actually reaching La Zenia beach as it did in 2019.

What are Orihuela Town Hall and the responsible authorities doing to prevent this third world situation repeating itself with such regularity?

Nothing.   Four years ago, in 2017, 2018, a plan and a proposed investment of €6 million were approved by Valencia.

In December, 2018, Valencia reminded Orihuela Town Hall of its duty to take action and despite the major event in 2019, it was only at the end of 2020 that Orihuela Town Hall gave its approval for the plan. And, predictably the system collapsed dramatically again this week in August 2021.

Barricade of sand which prevented major sewage spill reaching La Zenia beach
Barricade of sand which prevented major sewage spill reaching La Zenia beach

When will the government of Orihuela recognise that the never ending increase in the population of Orihuela Costa resulting from its constant approval of projects for new housing (and commercial centres) is putting an impossible strain on basic municipal services?

Approval of new house building, as we know, is not accompanied by the investment and provision of necessary services to deal with the ever increasing population.

That is why the streets are not cleaned and are full of uncollected rubbish, the so-called parks and gardens are neglected and overgrown with weeds and rubbish.   And on top of this, in a major threat to public health, because of inaction, the antiquated sewage system collapses with predictable regularity.

C.L.A.R.O. and its political partner Cambiemos Orihuela are determined that this shameful incident should serve as a trigger for remedying a situation which is a clear threat to public health.