The General Directorate of Coasts has instructed the company Princesol, who are constructing a hotel in Arenales del Sol, to start the demolition of an unauthorised section of the building within a month.

This part of the construction, an unauthorised increase to the volume of the building by the promoter, was declared illegal. It was done without permission and something for which the Princesol concessionaire did not have a permit. The demolition must be started within four weeks and completed in three months and, in the case of the operation not being carried out, the provincial service of Costas has said that they will do so at the expense of the company.

This seems to be the beginning of the end of a situation that has been stagnant for many years. In 1997 the hotel was declared in ruins and in 2016 a complaint was filed when it was realised that the company Princesol would have used the opportunity to increase the volume of the building, something for which they did not have a permit.

In February 2020, the General Directorate of Coasts agreed to legally force the demolition of the cement and asbestos skeleton that is becoming increasingly dangerous to the general public.