A woman has been arrested this Wednesday by the National Police after the discovery of the body of her husband, identified as 45 year old Isaac, on a farm in the Valencian town of Godelleta. The man, who suffered from a disability, had been missing since 1 December.

The man had previously served as a local police officer in Catarroja, but he suffered from a severe neurodegenerative disease, which was at a “very advanced state.

The woman took four days before she reported her husband’s disappearance despite allegedly receiving a text “I’m so sorry but I’m not coming home. When something happens they will notify you immediately, it is my decision and mine alone, and you must respect my will.”

Godelleta, the area where the lifeless body was located yesterday.
Godelleta, the area where the lifeless body was located yesterday.

It seemed like a message from someone who was about to commit suicide but the police became suspicious when they found a video in which she mocked and belittled her husband.

The police eventually found Isaac’s body close to the CV-424, on the outskirts of Godelleta. A spokesman said that it showed signs of violence and it was in an advanced state of decomposition. Investigators also found the wheelchair the victim was using to get around.

The wife has now been detained as the alleged author of the crime but at this time little more is known about the case as the investigation is under summary secrecy.