When you consider the number of players involved and the revenue made, you will realize that the world gaming industry is presently dominated by free to play games.

Information from the GoldenCasinoNews reveals that the free to play games global market worth is about hitting $88.7 billion by 2020. Because the mobile games sector has generated the largest part of the free to play games revenue, 75% of the 2020 income is expected to come from mobile too.

In the last few years we’ve seen demanding ports from games being optimised and available to play in mobile format but mobile gaming has been around for much longer, in the form of mobile casinos. Many players choose this option to play their favourite games because it allows them to play from anywhere. These games can also be enjoyed for free, some casinos have options including 50 free spins when you add bank card and other no deposit offers out there to claim.

The free to play gaming market made a profit of $82.5 billion in 2018, according to the Super Data Report. The highest chunk of the amount was from mobile free to play games, and this is linked to solid outings by games like Pokémon GO, Candy Crush Saga, and Honor of Kings. They garnered $58.8 billion, while the PC and console counterparts enjoyed $21.6bn and $2.1bn revenue respectively.

In 2019, the free to play games enjoyed total revenue of up to $87.1 billion. Here also, the mobile segment had the upper hand, with $64.4bn profit. Due to some form of downsizing trend, the PC and console segments witnessed some sort of decline. While the PC free to play games dropped to $21.1 billion revenue, the console segment witnessed $1.6bn income, which is about 25% below what it gained the previous year.

From all available data, there will be a continuous decline in the revenue from the PC and console free to play games this year. It is predicted that PC games revenue will drop to $20.6 billion, while consoles will drop to $1 billion. On a general note, free to play games are expected to hit a profit of $67.1 billion in 2020, which would be an $8.3 decline on what it experienced last year.

60% of the Revenue from Free To Play Games Come From Asia

After a full geographical analysis, it was discovered that the Asian continent is leading in the free to play games profit in the whole world. The proposed profit from the continent in 2020 is $53.3 billion, which accounts for 60% of the entire revenue to be generated this year. For the mobile segment of the Asian free to play games, $41.8 billion revenue is expected in 2020, while the PC and console sectors are expected to make $11.4 billion and $132 million in Asia.

In 2020, $16.7bn revenue from the free to play games would come from North America, which would account for the second largest earning. When analyzed, it was revealed that the amount to be brought in by mobile free to play games in North America in 2020 is $13.2 billion, and that is about 80% of the entire profit.

The third continent is Europe, and the expected revenue from free to play games in 2020 is $11.5 billion. The mobile segment will also take the lead here, earning up to $7.6 billion from the total number.