Most people don’t put much effort into choosing their gym outfit like they put when choosing clothes for work or other occasions. They see no need to dress up for gym workouts where they’ll only end up sweating as they lift weights and go back home to change.

Dressing shabbily for the gym is not how a stylish man should conduct himself. Imagine if you could meet a beautiful lady dressed smartly in the gym? Will you approach with your hanging sweat pants and a wrinkled t-shirt?

A man who understands what fashion means should look stunning regardless of the occasion. Good sense of style should go hand in hand with comfort and freedom that you need to help you carry out your regular workout without worrying about something getting on your way. So, how do you pick a gym outfit that looks hot and feels comfortable?

Go for a more fitted t-shirt and breathable shorts

That oversized tee gives your body enough space, which allows you to breathe as you continue with your regular workout routine. While this may look perfect, there are many things wrong with them as far as looking superb in the gym is concerned. While they can be less sticky and not sweat visible, they are old fashioned and only look like a 50-year old grandpa to be when you actually just turned 30.

They will also restrict your movement and make you look small-bodied when you’ve tried to build those muscles and need to see the motivation. Hey, you got to expose those muscles to show the world that your gym sessions are paying out. Nice fitting clothes give you the aesthetic appeal and make you stand out from the crowd. There is no sin in taking pride in what has taken you several hours of sweat and dedication to achieve.

Well, it might not be all about looking good for the active man but also having something that won’t get on your way when working out. Remember, good t-shirts blend well with perfect workout shorts. Unlike shirts, your shorts must not be tight but ensure enough breathability.

Your legs thighs need to have enough breathability and room for all the heavy activities. Ensure you adhere to the right material for the shorts as well as the t-shirt. Nylon-elastane mix is a good option that will allow better movement as you exercise as well as maintain your stylish look with a comfortable fit.

Get the right shoes

Forget the old sneakers that you’ve won for decades, and now you think they only place they can fit in the gym. Your sneakers should not only look beautiful but should ensure both functionality and comfort in the gym. Pick the shoes you’re going to wear based on what you intend to do there.

If you’re going for a run, ensure you get yourself running shoes. If you’re on the weight lifting, get the perfect shoe that’s going to provide you with enough support but still give you a stunning look. Those with a stable base and flat heels work well.

Appropriate footwear to the gym will not just complete your look but also improve your physical performance. Avoid any flip flops because they not only make you look like you’re coming from the beach but also get in the way of your performance. They also put your legs at risk, especially if you’re going to exercise in a squat machine or a treadmill.

While some people will still look good in flip flops, they are still a no for the gym. You should save those for your beach strolls. Good shoes will ensure enough traction to protect you from slipping and falling. This means not every sneaker is suitable for gym setup, especially if you’re going to participate in a high-intensity workout.

You can enhance the comfort and the style of your gym sneakers with some beautiful gym socks. Ankle socks look not only sexy but also ensure maximum comfort as they won’t distract those jumps and kicks. Get away from that popular notion that gym socks are ugly and rock with some beautiful ankle socks. Avoid black socks; they will give an impression of being dirty.

Looking good at the gym is not much of a hassle. You should, however, remember to adhere to the gym rules and not bring anything that is forbidden. Don’t wear inappropriate clothes just because you want to look good. You can also ensure you don’t bring in dust and mud from outside when stepping into the gym.

Carry your gym shoes in a beautiful gym bag and change when you get in so that you can keep the place clean. The gym is not only a place where men go to cut some weight or build the muscles but also a social place where you can make some friends.

You don’t want to meet and interact with new people when you’re looking all shaggy and out of place. Good outfit matters everywhere you go.