Gambling is the wagering of wealth, power, or currency in the hopes of gaining some more. Preferably a lot more. This concept has valiantly withstood the test of time and we can see wagering and gambling as part of the modern way of life. It is as Jim Rohn said: “if you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary”.

The first online casino was opened in 1994 and, with that, a lucrative new market was awakened. The internet was new and relatively few people had access to it. But as the market grew, so did competition, and soon there were hundreds of online casinos with hundreds of thousands of online customers.

Today there are thousands of gambling and betting sites online and many millions of customers. For example, the UK online gambling industry yields 14.5 billion pounds sterling per year. The total number of employees in the UK gambling industry decreased by 1.4%, the total number of betting shops decreased by 1.5%, the amount of licensed arcades decreased by 5.3%, whereas the online betting, bingo and casino games sector increased by 1.2%.

It is only natural

It makes sense that online betting is on the rise and more traditional casinos are in decline. People are busy and life is fast, not everyone has time to visit brick-and-mortar arcades when they feel like spinning the slots.

Not only do gamblers want to be able to “visit” their favourite casino in their pyjamas from the comfort of their home, but they want to do it on their smartphones. This allows them to play a round of cards or spin the roulette wheel while on the go or in a queue. Waiting for morning coffee has never been so exciting before.

Competition is tough and every online casino wants the continuous attention of the gambler. Because there are so many sites to choose from, the customers use indicators to choose between the best sites. Some of these indicators are welcome bonuses, loyalty packages, the variety of games, and the referral system.

For every online gambler there is a perfect site out there and choosing an online casino does not have to be a final decision. Many gamblers regularly visit at least three sites for different games. Because they are so easy and convenient, online casino sites are a no-brainer for most. How easy is it to visit several gambling establishments in one night? It ruins the buzz, unless you are in Las Vegas.

At the end of the day

Consumers make purchasing decisions based on their preferences and, due to the fast pace of the modern lifestyle, they are trending towards more convenient options. Visiting brick-and-mortar gambling establishments is a genuine investment of their time, which they do not always have to spare.

Having the option to visit legitimate online gambling sites wherever and whenever is attractive. That is why online casinos are already the driving force behind the gambling industry.