• A unique and different book that shares unimaginable experiences of its own author, Wangeli Chaaraoui.
  • A book different than those you have read so far, where its author reflects on our trip to Earth. A before and after life and death.

The author, Wangeli Chaaraoui, presents his book Diary of an autodidact (Universo de Letras, 2017), a journey where experiences, reflections and thoughts are combined through his eyes. A man who,fleeing from his native land because of the war, has fought to survive in extreme conditions. Its pages denote a constant mystery conceived by our future, where the pursuit of happiness takes the center stage.

“-Every day, the desire of surviving, of rising and being reborn from its own ashes – like the phoenix – is renewed on the daily struggle and the ideas that arise every day when you wake up in the morning after taking a relaxing bath. Without struggles and with no desire to fight and overcome our own weaknesses, we humans cannot evolve. We are obliged to face our daily problems that arise on a daily basis by the circumstances of our life and also because of our weaknesses.

Many times we do not feel strong enough to face those problems that represent an obstacle that blocks our life and our evolution, our inner and outer growth, our progress towards the goal, where we want to reach or where we could reach. We also want to increase our mental and material productivity, expand our intellectual knowledge and our spiritual vision of the world around us. We want to advance in the long way of our life, giving, every day, a further step towards our final goal.” Fragment of the book.

The author intends with this book to answer the greatest unresolved mysteries of our history, what purpose inundates us and the almost perceptible horizon of humanity.

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About the author

Wangeli Chaaraoui was born in Beirut (Lebanon) in 1954 into a Greco-Lebanese family. From his childhood he had close contact with his father, who owned a distillery in Beirut, where he had his first laboratory at the age of 12. He then made a long boat trip from Beirut to Piraeus (Greece) via Alexandria (Egypt) in 1966, where he spent the summer on the island of Salamis.

In 1974, he went to Belgium to study at the Catholic University of Leuven, but he was unable to continue his studies because of his father’s death in 1976. Suddenly, he embarked on a trip to Casablanca (Morocco) for the first time passing by Spain. Spain fascinated him…