The idea of Microgaming named in ‘The 10 coolest offices of 2017’ should seem natural to a lot of people. This is a company that really does seem to care about its employees. The new headquarters for Microgaming are absolutely stunning. Just visiting those headquarters should let people know just how great the Microgaming work environment really is.

To a large extent, the new headquarters for Microgaming are helping to demonstrate many new trends involved in the working world. Employers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of actually helping their employees stay happy and healthy. The new Microgaming headquarters have a lot of break-out areas, so people will actually be able to rest and recuperate and enjoy each other’s company between periods of work.

There are also standing desks, which some people think will help to stop employees from being as sedentary as they often are in the tech field. The entire fourth floor of this building is a big communal area for employees, however, and this is even better than any standing desk. There are debates about the efficacy of standing desks, but everyone agrees that it is important for people to be able to move around and socialize during their working days if they are going to stay healthy.

The communal area has a library, pool table, dart board, table tennis table, and poker table. All of these different amenities will certainly help a lot of employees bond and socialize with one another. They can also help employees get some exercise and some mental stimulation during the day, which is very important for all people involved.

Working in the tech field certainly requires a lot of brainpower and skill. However, people should remember that some of the work is still going to be fairly monotonous. Coding involves a lot of work that is nowhere near as glamorous as people imagine. It involves a lot of repetitive tasks. There is no way around some of this, but employers can still help employees feel more comfortable during the day.

Giving the employees a nice place to relax and rest can certainly help all people involved. The new Microgaming headquarters will be able to offer people all of those benefits and more. In the process, Microgaming will probably save a lot of money, in fact.

They will end up with more productive employees. People tend to produce better work if they are able to take breaks throughout the day and if they are able to burn off some energy. Exercise helps with concentration at the best and the worst of times. Creating a workplace environment where people can both socialize and exercise can make things better for everyone, and that includes the employers.

The Microgaming employers are also going to be able to save on healthcare costs in all likelihood. Their employees will develop fewer long-term health consequences, because they will be able to look after their health on a regular basis while at work. When people visit the website, they should keep all of these things in mind. It’s always great when a company has ethical practices, and people should all be relieved to use the products of an ethical company.