As the year draws to a close so do our monthly visits to this well liked course. It has been decided by the management of the Quara group that due to market forces they need to increase our green fees by almost 50%! Of course this is not affordable for most members.

We, as a Society have played both La Finca and Villamartin every month for the last 4 ½ years and personally I have arranged other Societies golf days at these venues for more than 15 years, so the time has come to move on. For our 2017season our competition calendar will present some new challenges to our members, new courses and courses that they haven’t played so often.

I hope that that they take up these challenges with a new invigorated spirit and the Society moves forward from strength to strength.

Our last day at La Finca greeted us with overcast skies but no wind, the course played long with most tees being moved back, this was probably due to the final of Miguel Angel Jimenez’s junior nation circuit being played here this coming weekend.

Fittingly for my last game here I had the pleasure of one of our more senior members in my 4 ball, it could be due to such good company that I actually played some of my best golf in recent years, thank you Tom Jones (86 years young) you are always a pleasure to play with.

Results; N.T.P.’s Hole 3 Joe Dean, Hole 6 Sverre Sonesen, Hole 13 Alex Goslan and Hole 16 Tove Roed. The “2’s” pot contained €26 and there being no winners this week it will be carried over to La Marquesa on Monday next. Best visitor was O. Growe 22pts. Bronze category; 3rd S. Twentyman 30 pts. 2nd M. Skipperud L/H 30 pts. 1st B. Wylie 32 pts. Silver category; 3rd J. Davidson 27 pts. 2nd A. Kilnes L/H 27 pts. 1st J. Hettrick 31 pts. Gold category; 3rd I. Brown 33 pts. 2nd S. Sonesen L/H 33 pts. 1st J. Dean 35 pts.

Photo; Gold category winners.

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