The IV International Contest of Cocido con Pelotas will be held on February 4 at the Municipal Leisure Centre (CMO) in Torrevieja, and so if your meatballs are of competition standard, why not enter and put your nibbles to the test.

Registrations for the competition can be made from Monday 16 January, and until 2:00 p.m. on January 30, before the competitors put their balls on show on 4 February.

All fans and lovers of cooking can participate, regardless of age, profession, or nationality. Participation may be either individually or representing an association, group of friends, etc. As it is an amateur contest, professional chefs are not allowed to participate in it, who may, however, participate in exhibition mode or out of competition.

The registered teams, up to a maximum of 15, and individuals, will prepare the different stew specialties, as stated in the bases, which are: International Stew, Spanish Regional Stew and Traditional Stew with Pelotas, Meat Balls. Although, as it’s January and the mood of the month is vegetarianism (Veganuary (Google it!)), perhaps you could enter with a meat alternative. Carrefour in Torrevieja have just started stocking products from the renowned Vegetarian Butcher, but don’t blame us if this breaks the rules, we are just trying to help!

Talking of rules, the norms of the contest, as well as the inscriptions to participate, can be collected at the offices of the Department of the Elderly, located at Calle Maldonado, nº5. They will also be available on the web: