Worldwide temperatures are increasing at an alarming rate in the wake of parts of Spain, including Alicante, recording hottest temperatures in history.

“We went in for a bathe at Lo Pagan, joining around 200 bathers. It was like stepping into a bath – beautiful,” said Bill Easson who often visits the Mar Menor.

The Mar Menor lagoon temperatures hit a record 31.25 degrees – with 32.4 degrees recorded in the waters nearby the Yacht club of Isleta.

The Mar Menor Monitoring Committee spokesperson Emilio Maria Dolores said: “There are areas of very shallow depths where the temperatures exceeded 34 and 35 degrees.”

A hike in temperatures from August 2017 of 30.85 degrees; 30.54 in August 2018 and 30.22 in July 2022.

The Mar Menor lagoon is still alive and despite improving the quality of care in the lagoon, it remains in a critical state.

The removal of mud, entry of water, nitrate and phosphorus must remain to being assessed.

That message comes after the removal of 17, 718 tonnes of seaweed and sludge being removed this year, along with 114 tonnes of algae, daily.