The works to remove an asbestos roof from a municipal warehouse located in front of the Poeta Miguel Hernández de Rojales Public School are generating a huge controversy in the municipality

The works began last Monday on the building which is located directly in front of the Infant and primary classrooms.

A narrow road separates the warehouse from the school grounds and parents fear that the dust and the remains of the dangerous material will blow across and into the classrooms and affect the students, especially while, due to the protocol against the covid, it is necessary to keep the windows open.

The parents said in a statement, that after meeting with Council representatives and with the school’s management team, on a number of occasions, the only compromise that the Council could provide is that the works are carried out in the afternoons, at the end of the school day, however they consider it insufficient and demand that the work be postponed to a date when he school is closed.

The municipal warehouse at the centre of the controversy

For now, some parents have stopped taking their children to school and will not resume until the works to remove the roof of the warehouse is complete, which will take eight more days.

They say that have doubts that, although the works will only be carried out in the afternoon, there will still be the remains of asbestos particles, which, they say, “would expose the children, as well as all other staff who work in the school as teachers, classroom assistants, monitors or cleaners ”.

Parents have criticised the council schedule saying that “the school has been closed for more than two months and just when the school year begins once again the council planners decide to change the warehouse roof, which is absolute nonsense.”

Meanwhile the Rojales council has issued a statement in which they say that the project team have ruled out any risk and promise “total security” while the uralite is removed “the composition of which contains less than 10%  asbestos”.

The Department of Education adds that the work is being carried out by a company that specialises in the removal of asbestos-based cement products, a component whose inhalation of its fibers has been linked to various types of cancer, hence the fear of parents.

However, in a letter to parents from the CEIP Poeta Miguel Hernández, the school says that parents who do keep their children away during the period in which the work is taking place will be justified in so doing.