Orihuela’s councillor for sports, Víctor Bernabéu, delivered more than 600 kilos of food and hygiene products, together with Ginés Alcántara, as head of services of the Clequali company, to the Parish priest of the church of Santas Justa and Rufina, José Luis Satorre and Manuel Sáez, from Cáritas Interparroquial Orihuela.

The products have been collected within the solidarity campaign that has taken place during the Christmas holidays, in which different sports clubs and groups from Orihuela have collaborated.

During the delivery of food and hygiene products, representatives of the Oriolano Mountaineering Group, Atlético de Orihuela, Academia Oleza-Benferri, were present, along with representatives from Taekwondo González, CF Santo Domingo, and Orihuela CF.

Bernabéu thanked all the participants in this campaign “for their gesture of solidarity to help those who need it most through this great initiative that has turned out to be a success.”



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