Mojácar Local Police have so far this high season filed a total of 76 reports based on a failure to comply with the Municipal Regulatory Bylaw on Noise in force in Mojácar.

Of these offences, seven relate to the owners of the apartments which are the object of the complaints and the rest to people on holiday rentals.

The Mojácar Local Police want to remind owners and users that when the disturbance or nuisance occurs in an establishment used for recreational or public shows, for any activity, conduct or action which is repeatedly subject to administrative intervention, the physical or legal persons on whom the duty to prevent the administrative offence falls will be held responsible, although it is done by others. This would be the case of generating noise pollution, which is an administrative offence included in article 23.1.

The Municipal Regulatory Bylaw on Noise is currently in force and published in the OPB with the date 9th July 2013. Its implementation stems from the municipal aim of creating a legal framework to strengthen and protect the image of Mojácar as a quality holiday destination, both in terms of service and infrastructure as well as for the possibility of combining leisure and relaxation.

Mojácar Mayor, Rosa María Cano, through an informative note to inform residents and visitors on the need to comply with the Municipal Regulatory Bylaw on Noise stemming from users of public streets, domestic activities and residents.

Given the numerous complaints about noise received by Mojácar Council, the local authority wants to announce, that following the corresponding analysis and classification of the assumed facts it has been made aware of, it will initiate the appropriate legal proceedings and where appropriate will penalise the people who turn out to be responsible for offences in this regard.

The obligation of observing the articles featured in this bylaw are a reference point for consolidating an image of Mojácar in regard to tourism, the main source of municipal income.

An image on which the Local Authority and all areas of activity of the tourism sector are working very hard and making a great effort in order that Mojácar continues having a special place in the difficult and competitive sphere of the tourism industry.