• A new health station has been erected at the entrance to Cala Bosque, in Orihuela Costa.

It has a sun traffic light that measures the intensity of ultraviolet radiation, a defibrillator, a shaded or nursing rest area, an emergency button connected directly to 112 emergency services, a charging area for battery-powered wheelchairs and for smartphones, an antibacterial soap dispenser and a disinfectant mat.

It is the first such station to be installed on the Costa Blanca, and just the tenth in the whole of Spain, and will add further quality and safety for beach users.

In addition, it has a digital, interactive and informative touch screen with an integrated camera that tells you what your skin phototype is. It also has a further screen where users will be able to explore the history, tourism and culture available on the beaches and in the districts and the historic centre of Orihuela, together with preventive messages from the Spanish Association against Cancer, as well as information on prevention.

This initiative, developed by the Hi Services company, is in collaboration with the Spanish Association Against Cancer. It is hope to introduce similar health stations on all beaches in the Orihuela Costa.