Costa Blanca, the popular tourist destination found on the coast of South-East Spain, plays home to a wealth of different activities and pastimes that attract tourists from all over Europe.

From the hundreds of sunny beaches lining the coastline, the bustling cityscapes of Alicante and Benidorm to the mountainous climbing adventures that can be found across the area, Costa Blanca has something for all kinds of holiday-goers.

In particular, the casino industry within Costa Blanca is a glistening spectacle that attracts thousands of people every year. Seasoned punters or newcomers to the scene can enjoy some of the most luxurious casino hotels Europe has to offer.


Though the traditional casino experience is alive and well in Costa Blanca, the online casino industry is thriving in Spain just as much as it is across the world. Trusted gaming outlets such as Slotty Vegas casino offer a huger variety of games that can be played at home or on the go thanks to mobile technology.

Online casinos are a popular way for players to bag themselves some money, but you could also use them as practice for when you hit the real thing in Costa Blanca.

Standout casinos

Online casinos are taking the world – and Spain – by storm, but Costa Blanca offers the most luxurious and authentic experience a gaming lover can have.

Bingo Gorrion, Alicante

Having celebrated its 35th birthday last year, Bingo Gorrion prides itself on delivering the old-school, traditional gambling experience with a wide array of games for tourists to dive into. As the name suggests, Bingo Gorrion attracts a lot of bingo fans to its halls, offering a more relaxed experience that adults of all generations can enjoy.

That’s not to say it doesn’t offer other games, as Gorrion boasts exciting roulette tables, modern slot machines and even live entertainment on the weekend.

Casino Mediterraneo, Benidorm

Found near the beautiful port of Benidorm’s marina, the Casino Mediterraneo brand is a well-known name that offers up a gambler’s paradise in a haven of tourism with plenty to keep you busy.

A 3,500 square meter powerhouse of gambling entertainment, this casino is home to the most vibrant poker room you can find in Spain that’s recently become home to the new poker circuit for Spanish poker players, the Juegging Poker Series.

Casino Mediterraneo, Orihuela-Costa

One of the more recent casinos to open in the Costa Blanca area, this Casino Mediterraneo differs from the Benidorm establishment of the same name as it offers more lesser-known games such as Punto Banco, Mini Punto Banco and Caribbean Stud Poker.

Another thing to note is that Orihuela-Costa casino is shaped like a prism, with a beautiful interior to complement its enjoyable atmosphere. Poker tournaments are held regularly, with weekly and monthly competitions open to any kind of player.

Casino Mediterraneo, Alicante

The Casino Mediterraneo in Alicante is the pinnacle of the Spanish gambling experience that offers great food, cocktails and other liver entertainment aside from the slots and table games.

But you won’t want to skip the games themselves, as the massive casino floor space offers numerous popular games from local favourites to classic Texas Hold’em or American roulette.