Callosa town hall has awarded the cleaning contract for the Callosa primary and infant schools to the company Jera Avanza Levante, a firm which employs a workforce made up of 70% disabled workers, for a total amount of 296,000 euro, for a period of 2 years, plus another 2 that can be extended. A total of 12 companies participated in the public tender.

Among the improvements that the company has added to the cleaning of the facilities, will include the monthly flushing of patios, 700 additional hours of cleaning to freely distribute, polishing of floors, cleaning of curtains and carpets in dry cleaners, and the exterior cleaning of windows every two months.

The Mayor of Callosa, Manuel Martínez, has highlighted that “during the pandemic, the Department of Education reinforced cleaning in schools in the mornings and this morning cleaning is now permanent, by contract and for the first time in Callosa. The winning company has hired 22 people, 50% of whom are from Callosa de Segura, and 70% of the total are people with disabilities”.

Martínez adds that “for Callosa de Segura it is a pride to be able to contribute to the integration of people with disabilities and we know with certainty of the great work they are doing since the winning company has contracts with different and important companies throughout the territory of the Valencian Community”.

The service has begun with the cleaning, disinfection and set-up in the schools of Rafael Altamira, La Paz, Primo de Rivera, San Roque and the Colegio Rural Agrupado Azahar. The service is carried out both in morning shifts and in afternoon shifts.

In the morning the workers come to carry out a service more focused on disinfection and set-up for the prevention of the coronavirus. Special emphasis is placed on the disinfection of bathrooms, doorknobs and the points most likely to be infectious.

In the afternoon shift they carry out a more in-depth cleaning, trying to get the schools set up properly, cleaning the classrooms, corridors, bathrooms and meeting rooms, so that the next morning children can attend with all the facilities prepared.


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