By Andrew Atkinson

Murcia fruit and vegetables companies are beginning to dump the UK following the withdrawal from the European Union at the turn of the year.

The decision comes after an increase in costs – that includes the big increase in fuel consumption prices – leading to produce from small companies in southern Spain feeling the pinch.

Tortasola, based in Cartagena, have said that their costings and the amount of waiting time to enter the UK has led to smaller companies finding difficulties to compete in the marketplace, reported by manager José Antonio Hernández.

And big haulage company Agetrans manager Domingo Ortiz has revealed that their 40 shipments has been increased to 60, on the back of the smaller companies suffering.

Following Brexit services have seen an increase in business costs increase by 20%. Also customs clearance protocols have increased, along with the costs of the training of new lorry drivers’ during a shortage of personnel that has brought a big headache since Brexit.

Ortiz is reported as saying that the UK market is no longer an attraction to the Spanish companies, due to a plethora of changes.


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