• Many people are living under fear of threats of violence and vandalism

A situation that P.I.O.C has reported many times is the number of children meeting in parks, not just those close to the Boulevard, but everywhere in Orihuela Costa.

They don’t just sit quietly enjoying each other’s company, no, they disturb local residents with the noise level of the music they play, the setting off of fireworks, lighting of fires, broken shopping trolleys left lying around and creating vandalism of the parks they destroy.

When Residents speak to the children they are verbally assaulted or items like bricks, parts of trolleys anything that is at hand, is thrown over the wall either into their garden or worse, into their pools, often causing damage.

Several weeks ago, P.I.O.C had a meeting with the Councillor for Security which included representatives of the Police Local and Guardia Civil, BUT they were not interested in what we had to say, nor of the 30 letters that we wanted to present from Residents detailing their experiences.

What was more important to them was the creation of a Business Association for La Florida.

P.I.O.C asked about the use of CCTV cameras in troubled areas, specifically to deter the illegal dumping of rubbish as well as security for parks BUT we were told the use of CCTV is illegal.


So, if CCTV cameras are illegal, then, why are they being used to great success in Los Montesinos where the dumping of rubbish has dropped by nearly 50%, and in Torrevieja where there are dozens in operation.

They can also be found in La Nucia which has a population of around 18,000 and which has 220 CCTV in use to great effect. They might have cost €1,800,000 to set up but the savings on repairs of damage to public property and the constant process of clearing of rubble, white goods etc will go a long way to making their installation cost effective.

All that is stopping this happening is the lack of resolve from our inept Council for which Mayor Bascunana has to accept responsibility.

The Council divided the coast into 2 districts. Was it with the intention to divide us? They now have developed FB pages for areas of Orihuela Costa, but for what purpose, to support the Residents campaign to be treated equally, with respect, we doubt it!

The Residents of Orihuela Costa are communicating online more than ever, they are exercising their right in a Democratic EU country, to demand they be treated fairly and equally, in the same way as the Residents in Orihuela city and across the whole of Spain.  P.I.O.C will continue to support the Residents campaign for Independence and we will be heard!

The front page photo shows vandalism that occured only this week in the old village area between Lomas de Cabo Roig and La Zenia.