Mercadona has opened a new environmentally friendly supermarket across from the AP7 tollbooths in La Zenia. This supermarket, which is based on Mercadona ‘s new efficient store model, provides excellence in service, optimizing the ease of purchase, as well as providing a multitude of improvements by which both the customers as well as the staff and suppliers can all benefit.

To do this, this new supermarket has made many store improvements as well as introducing new sections. One such addition is the new “Ready to Eat” section, where customers can enjoy a service that offers ready-to-eat dishes. All these options are served in containers made from natural materials, such as sugar cane (compostable material), cardboard and paper.

It also has a new entrance with double glazing that prevents drafts, wider shopping aisles, a rest area with chairs and tables where the public can eat their freshly prepared dishes, along with cold drinks, and new shopping carts which are much more ergonomic and lightweight.

This efficient supermarket has a sales area of ​​more than 1,700 square metres and has a totally improved design using new colours and materials across it’s many different sections. Likewise, it is committed to wide open spaces that allow the entry of natural light and warm colours that differentiate between the numerous environments.

Over 100 suppliers have been involved in the store construction, employing more than 520 people. In addition, the store has a staff of 34 employees, all of them with stable and quality employment.

Additionally, with the aim of simplifying the daily tasks of staff, this new supermarket includes multiple measures to improve ergonomics and eliminate heavy work. For example, the new checkout model has been developed in collaboration with the Valencia Institute of Biomechanics. The store also has common areas for employees to enjoy greater comfort during their periods of rest, as well as a better equipped dining room and more spacious and comfortable personal lockers.

This new efficient Mercadona store is completely connected, through the integration of a series of electronic systems and tools that enable staff to share information from across the entire store; which facilitates better management of each area and streamlines the processes of the entire chain.

All this allows staff to optimise the processes and to better manage the store in real time, which improves decision-making and contributes to greater responsiveness, especially in the management of fresh products.

At an environmental level, measures have been taken to reduce energy consumption by up to 40% compared to a conventional store model, due to improved thermal and acoustic insulation, with new storage cabinets and frozen products that are more energy efficient and respectful of the environment. In addition, the photovoltaic installation of 533 solar panels will also contribute to energy savings.

The opening hours of this supermarket are from Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. , where you will also find parking to improve the purchase experience for all customers traveling by private vehicle.