By Andrew Atkinson Breaking News EXCLUSIVE

CORVERA Airport is rumoured to be closing temporarily for the winter months from late October until March 2021.

“I called easyJet to find about our December flights and was told the airport will be closed from October 31 until March,” said Eira Price.

And Jeremy Trott, who has had his flight cancelled said: “Another Bristol to Murcia booking cancelled by easyJet, 13th – 27th October.

“I received an email from easyJet cancelling our Bristol to Murcia flight in October. I assume they are just cutting back on the number of flights per week.”

With many flights in and out of both Corvera and Alicante-Elche airport seeing low numbers of passengers, many flights have been cancelled or rescheduled following the coronavirus spike in cases, amid the UK Government 14 day isolation period imposed on returning to UK from Spain.

Flights have also been cancelled from Gatwick to Corvera airport in October and the Ryanair website shows nothing from Murcia to Stansted from late October until the end of March next year.