• The test was carried out on Sunday with the results received on Monday morning

The Director of the Centre for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies and the Government spokesman on the medical aspects of the coronavirus situation to the press, Fernando Simón, has tested positive for the COVID-19. The results were received this morning, Monday, following the test carried out yesterday.

Simón is a 57-year-old epidemiologist from Zaragoza and since the outbreak of the coronavirus in Spain he has been responsible for explaining its development to the press. Today he will be replaced at the Press conference by Dr. María José Sierra, also from the Centre for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies.

At this time three members of the Government have picked up the coronavirus. The first was the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero , who, after carrying out her mandatory 14-day quarantine, has once again tested positive.

Exactly the same situation applies to the Minister of Territorial Policy, Carolina Darias. Both confirmed their diagnosis just four days after attending the 8-M demonstration in Madrid.

Government Vice President Carmen Calvo also has the virus. She is recovering at home after spending several days in a private clinic for a respiratory infection that also turned out to be coronavirus.

In addition, the wife of the Prime Minister, Begoña Gómez , has tested positive, as did the mother and father-in-law of Sanchez.

La Moncloa has not said whether Pedro Sánchez himself has undergone new tests, after the positive cases incurred by his colleagues and relations. Government sources emphasise that he “is well” and complies with health recommendations, despite the fact that he has failed to adhere to the quarantine on several occasions. Among them, to go to the Government building, the Congress of Deputies.