People have reported surviving in the wild for a couple of days with necessities like water and food. However, the survival case is different when you are planning to be in the wilderness for long periods.

You need water, food, shelter, and the right tools to last in the wild. You also need to carry lightweight tools that will not hinder your mobility. You should prepare for the worst as you can hardly predict what you will face while in the wild.

This article outlines some of the essentials you need to survive in the wild, and they are:

1. Cordage

You can refer to cordage as a rope. If you are wondering what cordage you should take with you to the wild, you should buy the parachute cord, also referred to as a paracord. 

The reasons why people recommend this rope are;

  • The cordage is the strongest you can get.
  • It is lightweight and takes a small space.
  • You can wear it as a bracelet.

You will find it easy to keep your food from animals by hoisting it with the cord. You can use the rope in building a shelter. The good thing with this cord is that it lengthens when wet and dries up easily. 

2. Bushcraft Knife

In other terms, a Bushcraft knife is a survival knife. You need a knife if you intend to survive in the wilderness. On everyday severe outdoor activities, people carry pocket knives for protection, especially when going camping. This activity is not different from staying in the wild. You will need a sturdy knife that you can harvest firewood, prepare meals, or even butchering.

Scott, the founder of, thinks that it is only reasonable to carry a knife with a fixed blade if you intend to survive in the wild. While some switchblades are quite handy and perform well enough, a fixed blade is definitely a lot more sturdy and if cared for properly, will definitely last a lifetime. It is also advisable you choose a knife that is less than six inches long as long blades are a bit difficult to carry.  

3. A Signal Device

You might find it futile to establish some contact if you get lost in the wilderness. Because of this reason, you need a signaling device. People who have been in the wild tell that a cellphone is not suitable for survival, and advice that you opt for a possible alternative. One of the options you can go from being a mirror.

With a mirror flash, you can catch the attention of people from a distance away. With this technique, you will quickly get help from any possible danger. There are other signaling devices that you can make use. The items include; Lighters, whistles, and matches.

4. Sleeping Bag or Tent

You should consider buying a sleeping bag, especially if you are planning to stay in the wilderness for long. If you have experience with bush crafting and you think you are in a better position to design a shelter in the wild, then you don’t need to carry a sleeping bag. The kind of a tent or sleeping bag you need to be able to withstand storms or hail.

For the best sleeping bags, research online to find out the most affordable and the best quality that can face all possible dangers in the wild. You should also find a tent that you will find comfortable while using it. From the internet, you will find a wide range of tents, but go through customer reviews first before making your purchase. 

5. Food and Water Storage Container

For obvious reasons, you need food to survive in the wild. The best foods you need to pack are the non-perishable ones. Also, if you are not good at hunting for meals, make sure you carry enough food to last you the days you are planning to stay. Foods like energy bars are essential for survival in the wild.

An energy bar can easily be in your pocket and can provide much-needed energy to survive. You need to understand that more than anything else, you need water to survive in the wild. Because of this reason, find the best container to store enough water for your trip. Better yet, get a water filtering device as well to make sure that the water you’re drinking is completely safe.

Whether you are going to spend a couple of days or a long term period in the wild, you need to prepare enough. Always consider what might happen, even if it’s just a small possibility. The wild is a tough place. Fortunately, with the items I have mentioned in this article, you can improve your survival chances and better your stay in the wilderness.