You might become overwhelmed with how many areas of legal practice there are out there, especially if you’re seeking the help of an expert attorney, but don’t worry yourself, having a fair knowledge of all types of laws will be of great help and will point you in the right direction whenever you need any form of legal assistance.

Because it is better to know this sooner rather than later, the following areas of legal practice will provide you with everything you need to know:

Personal Injury Law

Accidents happen all of the time. We hear about them on the news, we see them with our own eyes, or we might even suffer injuries because of them. Because these situations can get all jumbled up when it comes to the details, personal injury law is the best way to ensure that you get compensated fairly. The first thing you should do according to the legal experts at CWA Law Firm is to acquire the expertise of a personal injury lawyer if you were part of a vehicular accident, suffered a slip and fall injury, or were the victim of intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Legal representation is crucial as most common folk would not know the steps or actions to take against insurance companies. Next, you can file a claim, gather all the necessary evidence and documents with the help of your lawyer, who should be fully capable of taking your case to the courtroom.

Banking and Finance Law

If you want to know the laws governing money-related matters, then banking and finance law is the one you’re looking for. It is basically concerned with the contractual relationship between the lender and the borrower, as the purpose of financial transactions is to regulate this relationship. It can only be successful when it strikes a balance between the two parties’ legal and commercial interests.

There are many subtopics in this law, like bank lending, which comes in the form of a personal or business loan that the bank agrees to provide to a borrower along with a document of repayment terms. There is also property finance, which is another type of loan that qualifies a borrower to obtain a property or land on which a property will be built.

Criminal Law

As the name suggests, the purpose of this branch of law is punishing any manner of action that is done deliberately to threaten, harm, or endanger the public, moral welfare, or public property. Government leaders have created a number of legislations to outlaw certain actions like theft, murder, sexual assault, property damage, money laundering, and terrorism.

While this is easy to understand, it’s also important to know that the Criminal Justice System focuses on two important aspects. The first is that these laws are designed to control the actions of society and help citizens understand the consequence of their actions. It also involves executing punitive actions against criminals as well as rehabilitating them.

If you intend to get a law degree, then you should at least look up criminal law as it constitutes a large part of legal practice.

Health Law

Health attorneys usually represent clinics, insurance companies, patients, or even health practitioners. Health law is concerned with the relationship between healthcare providers and the recipients of this care. You will usually find it in areas such as insurance, in which health attorneys help clients to abide by the laws and solve disputes related to health insurance.

You will also find cases of fraud and abuse often occurring in the healthcare system; therefore, health attorneys’ line of work is bound, at some point, to cross paths with this issue. Health attorneys might work for the state or an attorney’s office that focuses solely on stopping fraud and abuse in the healthcare system. In addition to this, health attorneys guide pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers through approval processes and the contractual agreements related to marketing and selling their products.

Admiralty Law

Admiralty law, or maritime law, is a group of treaties and conventions that are concerned with managing economic transactions and disputes related to marine trade, sailors, or any land-based activity, like shipping offenses occurring in open water. However, it is quite different from the Law of the Sea, which is concerned with international laws and rules related to the use of seas and oceans.

Admiralty law, on the other hand, regulates private disputes and nautical issues. It is also different in developed countries, as it adheres to separate codes and is separated from the jurisdiction of national laws. 

Business Law

When it comes to the administration of corporations, business law governs corporate-related issues. Some matters like formation, dissolution, internal reorganization, and disputes between corporations require the expertise of a corporate lawyer who’s familiar with these scenarios.

A corporate lawyer must also make sure that his clients comply with state law, federal law, and international laws as well. If a person is starting a business from scratch, a business lawyer will point out how to build up his business, the laws that govern this process, and how to sell or close his business in the future if the business owner wishes it. A well-experienced person will be familiar with the laws and procedures, but it is always helpful to seek the advice of a licensed attorney.

Estate Planning

If you’re not familiar with this one already, this branch of law is involved with protecting your estate, which is practically everything that you own, and planning who will receive your property after your death. If you think you don’t have anything you can give to your children, think again.

Your house, car, savings, and any other material thing you own falls under the estate label. So, if you haven’t given thought to this matter before, consider how an estate lawyer can help you with writing a will and a trust. He’ll also be able to help you with providing for your children’s health care and education.

Family Law

You might have guessed what this branch of law is about correctly. It is related to domestic matters such as marriage, divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, and paternity. Attorneys who are experienced in Family Law will handle divorce cases, child support as well as other related issues.

Now that you know how diverse areas of legal practice can be, you have a better understanding of how it works, so that whenever you need an attorney for legal consultation, or you would like to study law, this can be a great starting point to explore which one you’d like to study in-depth later.


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