• Presentation of the Magazine “Historical Cartagena” with Unpublished Article on British Volunteers in the Republican Navy

The Municipal Archive of Cartagena is pleased to announce the presentation of the new edition of its magazine “Historical Cartagena”.  The event will take place next Monday, June 24 at 11:00 a.m. in the Assembly Hall of the Municipal Archive.

In this special edition, the magazine will present an unpublished article titled “British Volunteers in the Republican Navy – Cartagena 1936-1938”, written by the renowned English researcher and historian Anthony Fuller.  This work offers a novel vision of a hitherto unknown aspect of the Spanish Civil War, highlighting the presence and participation of British volunteers aboard the ships of the Republican Fleet and their stay at the Cartagena Naval Base.

Fuller’s research sheds light on the contribution of these foreign volunteers, exploring their motivations, experiences and the impact they had on the republican struggle.  This article, the result of meticulous archival work and interviews, becomes a valuable contribution to the historiography of the Spanish Civil War and, in particular, to the local history of Cartagena.

During the presentation, Anthony Fuller will share details of his research, followed by a question and answer session.  In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to purchase the magazine and obtain autographs from the author.

The event will be presented by Fulgencia Plazas, Coordinator of Archives and Libraries of the Cartagena City Council, and Luis Miguel Pérez Adán, Official Chronicler of Cartagena and Director of the Chair of History and Heritage of Cartagena.

The entrance is open to the public until capacity is reached.  All those interested in the history of Cartagena and the Spanish Civil War are invited to attend this unique event.