As summer approaches, Orihuela Costa braces itself for an influx of tourists and residents with second homes. The local population swells from 30,000 to 100,000 during peak season. However, the Association of Residents of Cabo Roig and Lomas (AVCRL) has identified numerous issues on the eleven beaches, raising concerns about their readiness.

In a letter to Manuel Mestre, the Councillor of the Coast and Beaches, the association criticised the overall state of the beaches and their amenities. They attached a detailed report with photographic evidence, highlighting the lack of proper maintenance. Key problems include:

Uncleanliness: Beaches are plagued by uncleared algae, particularly Cala Capitan where a large pile has remained for over a year. General dirtiness is present on the walkways, with Cala Bosque singled out as being in a “pitiful state”.

Broken Amenities: Over half (39 out of 70) of the foot baths are malfunctioning due to neglect. Many lifeguard stands lack proper maintenance and appear abandoned.

Accessibility Issues: Wooden walkways for disabled beachgoers are outdated and insufficient. The elevator at Punta Prima remains out of service.

Missing Beach Essentials: Chiringuito beach bars and toilets are still not installed on four beaches (Mil Palmeras, Cala La Mosca, Cala Estaca, Punta Prima) with no clear opening date.

The association finds the current situation unacceptable, especially considering that the beaches hold Blue Flag distinctions. They have given the Council one week to respond with a concrete action plan to address these issues before the tourist surge gets underway.

Entrance to the beach at Cala Estaca

Two beaches face additional problems:

Cala Estaca: Lost its Blue Flag due to “fuzzy pollution” and suffers from accumulating vegetation.

Cala La Mosca: Experiences continuous discharges of unknown origin, possibly from a natural aquifer, despite ongoing investigations.

The association urges the Council to take immediate action to ensure the beaches are in proper condition to welcome visitors and maintain Orihuela Costa’s reputation as a sought after tourist destination.

Images: Courtesy AVCRL