A 44-year-old man has died in a traffic accident that occurred in the early hours of Saturday morning on the N-332 ring road in Torrevieja. The frontal collision occurred around 4 in the morning on the ring road at the Parque de las Naciones.

The dead man, aged 44, is a Peruvian national. The driver, understood to be of Irish origin, and who was driving a rental car at the time, is said to have fled the scene on foot.

Just the two vehicles were involved in the accident, that of the deceased driver, of Peruvian origin, and the rental car driven by another man, of Irish nationality, which was leased just a few days ago.

It was the Torrevieja Local Police patrols that were first on the scene of the accident despite the road being under the jurisdiction of the Civil Guard. The municipal agents were closer and able to respond quickly to the accident where they were aware there was at least one victim.

Health services were also alerted by the Emergency Coordination Centre of the Generalitat ( CICU ) and were quickly on the scene.

The Torrevieja ring road is a section of road with one lane in each direction of travel that supports a high volume of traffic on a daily basis. It is also an accident ‘black spot’ and marked as such by the DGT, so overtaking is prohibited.

There have been several fatal accidents on this road in recent years. During the summer months, minor rear-end accidents between vehicles are very common on almost a daily basis. Improvements to this highway have been pending for over 15 years.